The PR 3.0 perception adapts to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Instead of using classical PR tools and strategies, our agency gives preference to an integrated marketing communication approach. We perceive the possibilities provided by the online space and the production of quality contents in a complex manner. In accordance with our methodology, we do not merely consider target groups rather communication communities and formulate our messages tailored to these communities, and then propagate them through the synchronised use of events, search engine optimised PR appearances, advertisements, direct marketing campaigns and social media platforms.

Nowadays, it is not sufficient to simply build a strong brand; the interested and receptive audience as well as the opinion leader community must be shaped.

PR Consulting

PR consulting at our agency is preceded by a thorough preparatory process, the first step of which consists of market analysis and strategic planning work. After a profound examination of the communication tools and contents of the organisation, custom-designed PR solutions are considered that directly contribute to increasing visibility and identifiability of the organisation, to create a corporate image as authentic and positive to its target audience, clients and partners as possible, thereby stimulating an increase in turnover.

PR Campaign Management

We undertake the planning and implementation of customised and integrated communication and PR campaigns, be it short or long, from elaboration of the strategic steps through media purchase to communication of the results. In each case, we strive to reach the target groups in a proactive and versatile manner and to present to the organisation solutions improving the brand recognition and increasing the sales turnover, along with measurable results.

Press Management

We know and understand the work of journalists and the editorial offices behind them, as well as the editorial requirements; furthermore, we are perfectly aware how to present client-related information so as to make it easily perceivable and memorable to the target media and thereby to the target groups. We take over the task of keeping constantly in touch with editorial offices and journalists and ensure that the news of our clients always appear on the relevant platforms.

Organisation of Press Events

Press events are important milestones in the communication activity of an organisation. We also provide support to our clients in the detailed organisation of events held with the presence of the press, invitation of partners and performers/presenters as well as the management of press relations. Preparation of the speeches, precise indication of the messages to be conveyed and ensuring an intensive media presence are also included in our services. The results are continuously measured and evaluated at the end of the post-event communication period.

Professional Positioning

Professional positioning is equally important for profit-oriented, non-profit, non-governmental and governmental organisations. Today, only a few market players find themselves in a situation without competitors. It is therefore very important for the organisation in question to be aware of its distinguishing features that make it stand out among competitors – messages concentrating on these strengths must be communicated to the appropriate target groups.
Through the profound knowledge of our clients and their environments, by integrating their ideas with our expertise, we are able to develop strategies that are sustainable in the long term.

Media Purchase

We believe in the efficiency of combining classical PR appearances with purchasing media. In each case, the contents of PR articles and advertisements are tailored to the strategy and profile of the organisation in order to best suit the desired target groups, using the available budget with the highest possible efficiency.

Creative Copywriting

MITTE Communications writes copy for websites, social media and press appearances, infographics, printed publications, brochures, leaflets and informative booklets. Strategic thinking also appears in our works requiring a creative approach, ensuring that the outcome will match the external or even internal communication of our client.

Content Marketing Service

In the context of efficient content marketing we do not only create contents customised for your organisation, target groups, clients and partners but also ensure to forward them through the appropriate channels to the desired target audience in order to achieve your strategic objectives. We believe that we should not only raise attention but also uphold it, in order to contribute to our client’s successful business operation in the long run.

Communication Audit

We undertake the investigation and mapping of the internal and external communication of organisations. During this audit, any communication problems are identified and we make recommendations to optimise the communication process and to establish a communication system matching the structure of the organisation.

  • preparation of an oral site survey
  • testing of the communication processes
  • individual and group in-depth interviews
  • preparation of a communication map
  • preparation of an audit report
  • formulation of recommendations