MITTE Communications, with its more than 10 years of professional and broad industrial experience takes a complex look at the communication challenges of its clients.

The agency offers solutions with a well-defined and strong approach to values tailored to the client’s needs. Our key objective is to help the economic actors of the market achieve their business objectives through the integration of creativity, extensive and active media relations and carefully selected communication tools.

MITTE’s Expertise

MITTE 360°

Thanks to MITTE’s 360 degree service portfolio and experienced professionals, we are able to coordinate complex processes in a coherent and structured manner, starting from market research, strategic planning and corporate identity design through the entire communication management to the production of the related creative materials.
Our PR workflow is based on a version of the SMART (Scan, Map, Act, Roll-out, Track) model, today considered as conventional, which has been modernised by us for our purposes. Before planning, we consider an analysis of the external environment, market research and determination of the corporate objectives to be extremely important. In the course of our communication campaigns, the efficiency of the campaign is measured in each case and the results are evaluated subsequently.

PR 3.0 Perception

We perceive the possibilities provided by the online space and the production of quality contents in a complex manner. In accordance with our methodology, we do not merely consider target groups rather communication communities and formulate our messages tailored to these communities, and then propagate them through the synchronised use of events, search engine optimised PR appearances, advertisements, direct marketing campaigns and social media platforms.

Design Awareness

A conscious design strategy creates real value, which, among others, has a significant communication impact. Through a conscious and accurate design process, we implement corporate identity and image communication solutions that render your brand genuine to both the target group and the players of the industry and strengthen commitment to it, creating a real market advantage compared to your competitors.