A conscious design strategy delivers real added value in communication. Through a conscious and accurate design process, we implement corporate identity and image communication solutions that render your brand genuine to both the target group and the players of the industry and strengthen commitment to it.


Comprehensive market research, competitor analysis and multiple rounds of in-depth interviews with the executives of the client company – these steps always precede the fine-tuning or complete design of a company’s brand identity, which in addition to a comprehensive corporate identity design process, also includes creation of the slogans, key thoughts, introductory press releases and strategic texts forming the basis of the messages that identify the company and of PR communication. We are able to join the branding process at several stages, helping the work of the company professionals as ‘outside observers’.

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity design takes place after having familiarised with the visual solutions used in the industry or the given cultural segment, by considering international trends, in order to create a genuine and mature corporate identity. First-class corporate identity solutions contribute to the success of press communication work, substantiating the messages to be conveyed by the client. In the first stages of the corporate identity design process, we always offer multiple directions to our clients to choose from, and details of the most prominent corporate identity design are elaborated based on this.

Renewing Corporate Identity

We also engage in renewing an existing corporate identity or brand identity, usually coupled with a revision of the entire brand communication strategy. Renewing the corporate identity may have become timely if it has been unchanged for several years, or if a major turn comes about in the life of the company, where the communication of renewal is an important message for the target group and business partners. We plan and follow through the process of corporate rebranding, offering up-to-date and modern corporate identity solutions best suited to the client’s requirements. Renewal of the corporate identity may follow a certain evolutionary path, in which case the new visual identity is identifiable as a more advanced version of the former one, but originates from the same, or, if necessary, an entirely new corporate identity concept may be elaborated.

Publication Design

We prepare publications matching the brand identity of the client company, adhering to the requirements of the target group to be addressed in terms of the wording and format of the graphical and printing solutions used, differentiating our client from its competitors.

Preparing Image Photographs and Image Films

We prepare first-class quality image photographs and advertising spots matching the business and communication strategy of the client, with a short deadline. The nature and volume of the productions are customised to the client’s specific requirements in order to offer highly efficient and flexible solutions.

Preparing Promotional Materials

We undertake the design of a wide range of promotional materials, be it unique informative materials, roll-ups, signage and advertisement boards or other printed matters used for promotions, such as leaflets or brochures. We promote efficient communication through graphic design and solutions matching the corporate identity of the client.

Logo Design

Logo design is always preceded by a market research and a study of the solutions used in the industry. The design phase begins after having familiarised with the client and its environment, during which alternatives are offered, which are built on the proposed design strategy. In accordance with the client’s ideas, we help select the logo best matching the company’s profile and best ensuring the company’s long-term recognition, while providing professional advice. When presenting the logo variants, we always simulate the logo’s appearance on several surfaces and materials, in a variety of sizes.

Logo Animation Creation

Besides a static logo, an organisation, a brand or a product may often need an animated logo, which is perfectly applicable during professional events and conferences, in presentation materials, on office screens, moreover as the introductory and concluding element of image films and promotional videos.

Preparation of Infographics

Infographics, which thematise and illustrate key messages in a focused manner, can be used effectively in certain industrial sectors and communication channels. The graphic design and textual content of infographics are prepared taking into account the previous corporate identity solutions and communication of the client company, helping convey the messages to the target groups easier and more efficiently. Elaborate and high-quality infographics illustrate and authenticate the content and the expert organisation they represent.

Supporting Exhibition Identity

We prepare brochures, catalogues, roll-ups, presentation materials and product videos adjusted to the target group, in order to support presence at Hungarian or international exhibitions. We prefer unique and creative solutions that promote successful presentation of the company at the exhibition by fully exploiting the available opportunities. After the exhibition, post-event communication offers a host of opportunities. If requested, we prepare photographic or video materials for press communication purposes.