Closely adhering to the PR 3.0 approach, digital services make up a significant part of our activities, thereby strengthening and exploiting the possibilities offered by the online space and quality content production.

Social Media Management

Using the most popular social utilities (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.), we create and operate channels and sites through which your messages can be efficiently delivered to the target communities. We build up and activate a follower base. Active, two-way dialogues are promoted in the online space through content services, continuously ensuring the technical background, moderation, outstanding corporate identity solutions and application development, if required.

UX and UI Design

Upon designing digital user interfaces, we follow the latest trends, bearing in mind to offer the best user experience possible to the users of our client’s website or application. Special attention is paid, among others, to designing the features of interfaces, graphic design, optimisation for desktop and mobile platforms, web ergonomics aspects, as well as enhancing user satisfaction.

Web Design

In the course of web design, the communication and business strategies, objectives and brand personality of the client are taken into account. In order to establish a uniform and consistent brand image, we believe it is important that any interface offering the possibility of communication and the website primarily used for online display should also consistent starting from the style of the wording all the way to the use of icons. We offer solutions that enable the client or their colleagues to easily upload contents on the interface created for this purpose.

Online Marketing Communication

The target groups of the client are reached, and thereby its short and long-term business goals are achieved, through management of the key online marketing communication channels. Whether it be it image communication, increasing the sales volume, content management of newsletters, or managing online advertisements, we help our clients with a strategic approach.

Search Engine Optimization

In the course of search engine optimisation, our objective is to improve our clients’ visibility in the online space, keeping up with the development of search engine mechanisms. Search engine optimisation is done in accordance with the strategic concepts regarding online marketing communication channels.

Preparing Online Films

The visual solutions prepared for the web are made to match the users’ mindset, mindful of the aspects that help promote the propagation of an online film and the increase of its popularity. The content of the online film is created and later it is forwarded to the appropriate communication channels by analysing the target groups to reach.

Website Optimization

In the process of website optimisation, a number of aspects are considered, from visitor statistics to its profit generating capacity. This process may include selecting the appropriate domain name, creation of the menu structure and the wording style, as well as examination of the placement of notifications encouraging user interaction. In addition, we create every content on the online interfaces designed and managed by us following the best practices of search engine optimisation.

Application Design

If required, we also undertake to design new applications and to provide related consulting services, whether it be the development of a primary concept, the design of the identity or user interface of applications or a revision of development aspects. We are also able to support application developments in progress with identity and brand consulting.