With many years of research and training experience, the staff of MITTE Communications supports our clients in establishing the appropriate business and communication strategy. With the help of extensive market-oriented research, we help form the background for the communication of business and image improvement activities. An in-depth analysis of the Hungarian and international environment of your company is performed, starting from short-term communication solutions promoting sales to domestic and international trends of the industry spanning many years, to ensure that brand communication and business opportunities are used with maximum precision, awareness and predictability.

Brand Communications and Strategic Consulting

Adhering to the company’s business development plan, we examine the elements of its corporate communication, communication interfaces as well as the efficiency and authenticity of its contents. In the form of consulting materials, we summarise the strengths and weaknesses of the current communication and make recommendations to achieve a sustainable and efficient communication. If necessary, strategic campaign plans are prepared for sales and image communication to the appropriate target groups. As required by the client, our consulting work may be carried out over a shorter period, in a concentrated manner, or ensuring continuous availability.

Communication Strategy Building

During multiple consultations, after an in-depth due diligence and comprehensive competitor analysis, communication objectives are linked to the strategic goals of your organisation. If required, the internal communication system of your organisation is mapped to raise awareness of the key messages determining the company at every organisational level.

Marketing Strategy Creation

Marketing research may help maintain the market position already achieved by exploring the classical ATL, BTL and online channels, and may offer fundamental help in setting the possible directions of growth and business development in Hungary and internationally.

Market Research and Competitor Analysis

The basis of your company’s domestic and international business success is the profound and considerate knowledge of the market environment of your company, including its static and variable features as well. Besides your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, your partners, competitors as well as your political and social environment are subjected to a thorough analysis.

Trend Research

We prepare industry analyses to map the trends relevant for your company along with the tendencies and alternatives expected in the future. With the help of these analyses, you will be able to prepare for the changes in the industry, flexibly manage strategies, and conduct sustainable business and communication activities.

Creative Consulting

If required, we help our clients through creative consulting to ensure that the brand image, marketing materials, image photographs, advertising spots and other tools of visual communication efficiently serve the brand communication objectives, contributing to the success of the PR work, substantiating and authenticating the messages and values intended to be communicated by the client.