Future foresight, on which business planning is based, is effective in describing industry trends and corporate visions.

Future foresight, on which business planning is based, is effective in describing industry trends and corporate visions.The trend and future foresight carried out by MITTE Communications supports sustainable and long-term business objectives: the business vision of specific industries can be projected for 5-10 years.

An effective method supporting strategic and business planning for international, regional and domestic medium and large companies.

What trend and future foresight can mean

  • a vision that takes risk factors into account
  • decision support material on which strategic decisions and business development can be based
  • predictions related to the preparation of investments
  • a predictor of business changes within and outside the organization

Fields of trend and future foresight

Trend and future foresight might prove useful for small and medium sized enterprises, large corporations, but also for world organizations, stakeholders in the public and industrial sectors and for the world of academia.
It is an established strategic tool from Asia to North-America, as there is a considerable range of potential research areas, from the IT sector, to finance, the real estate market, the energy sector, the media market or even urban planning.
Trend and future foresight is also effective on an international, regional, national and metropolitan level as it can provide a basis for projects and investments, for planning and for strategic decision making that takes risk factors into account.

The methodology of trend and future foresight

The first phase of trend and future foresight is preparation, which is based on an individual methodology and also combines traditional aspects of business planning: from the development of the methodology to the establishment of expert panels.
The methodology of trend and future foresight:
  • identification and in-depth analysis of the industry area concerned
  • exploration of the current situation and of past development (observing industry trends), with experts from the industry area
  • summary of the factors and drives of future changes, exploring the possible directions of future changes
  • strategic planning to support business and organizational objectives, and creating a vision

Trend and future foresight as a strategic business development tool

Being familiar with the factors that influence your organization/company or your industry is a considerable competitive advantage, and also if you can understand the potential business models and processes.
Trend and future foresight makes the business changes that you might encounter in the short or long run in the field concerned more predictable and programmable. With this knowledge, you can strengthen your position within the industry.
The draft plan, a result of the trend and future foresight, also describes the methods by which you can develop or even extend the activities of your organization or enterprise, and you can increase efficiency.