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Today communication and core business activities are growingly connected, with communication having an ever-increasing impact on business outcomes. With over a decade of business development and marketing communications experience, our team gets you and your team ready to tackle all the tasks related to your business goals, challenges or crisis situations. Our personalized, practice-oriented consulting and coaching packages which range from one day to 3-12 weeks long trainings to continuous, retainer-based services, were all developed to help you reach your leadership or business goals.

Change management

The business development experts of MITTE Communications strengthen your team’s change capacity and the learning organizational culture through an extensive analysis and strategy that looks into the corporate governance and project management practices as well, besides the usual change management tools such as internal communications and training.

Crisis management:

As the influence and confluence of online and social platforms is growing, crisis management has gained momentum in all branding efforts. With the help of our experts, your team becomes even more equipped to anticipate risks, create and implement efficient crisis management scenarios and to deploy strategies which successfully preserve and create positive brand value.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a tailor made service which – based on the individual demands – makes sure that you reach your personal development or leadership goals, build a strong team or even a strong personal brand, and it can also help you strengthen your public speaking skills if that is on the top of your priorities. Our team can also help you address the newest challenges of stakeholder management, such as startup-corporate collaborations or incubators.

Sales, business development

The sales and business development service allows you to re-assess your sales strategy and explore new business opportunities while looking into key, but previously ignored key contacts and networks that can help you take your business to the next level.

A boost of creativity through teambuilding

Our experts awaken and strengthen the skill of creative problem-solving in your team, in the framework of a weekend teambuilding session and through the simulation of real-life business challenges.