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Thanks to MITTE’s 360 degree service portfolio and experienced professionals, we are able to coordinate complex processes in a coherent and structured manner, starting from market research, strategic planning and corporate identity design through the entire communication management to the production of the related creative materials.



Budapest Festival and Tourism Center – Integrated urban communication campaign

Assesment System – Content PR campaign

IVANKA Concrete – 360 degrees – research, PR, image communcation


Digital Service Group – Rebranding campaign

Digital Service Group – Rebranding campaign


Alukov – Integrated product introduction campaign

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – Branding




Publication Design

We prepare publications matching the brand identity of the client company, adhering to the requirements of the target group to be addressed in terms of the wording and format of the graphical and printing solutions used, differentiating our client from its competitors.

Preparing Image Photographs and Image Films

We prepare first-class quality image photographs and advertising spots matching the business and communication strategy of the client, with a short deadline. The nature and volume of the productions are customised to the client’s specific requirements in order to offer highly efficient and flexible solutions.

Press Management

We know and understand the work of journalists and the editorial offices behind them, as well as the editorial requirements; furthermore, we are perfectly aware how to present client-related information so as to make it easily perceivable and memorable to the target media and thereby to the target groups. We take over the task of keeping constantly in touch with editorial offices and journalists and ensure that the news of our clients always appear on the relevant platforms.

Marketing and Research Collaboration

Marketing and Research Collaboration with our partners we make representative, large sample public opinion researches, focus group interviwes, or tests to get to know the views of your key groups, and the opinion of your organization and initiatives. The surveys are also made for internal use, but they are suitable for arouseing public interest in by the news value.