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About MITTE – award-winning international communication agency in Budapest

MITTE Communications plays a key role in the Hungarian communications market – is professionally recognized through national-level PR awards, and has expertise in international communications. Its managers possess more than 10 years’ experience in the fields of strategy creation, branding, PR and corporate communication services.

The agency is a strategic and branding consultant for European and global brands, along with renowned Hungarian organizations. MITTE operates in a number of industries, from the creative through business and HR sectors to projects in architecture – from startup through state to multinational level. Due to strategic PR activities, we have achieved thousands of publications in five languages so far, from Forbes to Les Echos – many of them reaching millions of readers each.

We do not simply offer efficient solutions, but a well-defined and strong approach to values tailored to the client’s needs. Our key objective is to help the economic actors of the market achieve their business objectives through the integration of creativity, extensive and active media relations and carefully selected communication tools.

MITTE has won the second prize on the Prizma Creative Awards (the most prestigious award in the industry) three times, and has been listed as one of the TOP 10 PR agencies in Hungary by Kreatív, the most influential magazine in the communications profession.

Strong value approach

Beyond communication solutions aimed at increasing revenues, we create a tangible brand identity, and based on this, a brand story that people can understand and experience, which effectively position the organisation in the desired target group. Strategic awareness, durable elegance, efficiency-oriented creativity – all of these are offered to our clients, while bearing long-term business planning and sustainability in mind.

In-depth research

Accurate and successful client-oriented communication is a valuable combination of pure thoughts, in-depth research and sophisticated sensitivity. At MITTE, every project is preceded by thorough market analysis and strategic planning work. After an in-depth examination of the communication tools and contents of the organisation, unique corporate communication and PR solutions are created that effectively increase the visibility and identifiability of the organisation and the newsworthiness of related events – strengthening its image and increasing its turnover. We deeply believe in producing long-term business results for our clients with the use of relevant communication tools, an authentic and mature corporate identity, clear messages and quality communication contents.

Design Awareness

A conscious design strategy delivers real added value in communication. We implement corporate and image communication solutions through conscious and accurate planning that render the brand authentic and strengthen commitment to it by both the target group and the players of the industry. A successful design strategy exerts a positive influence on perception of your brand by everyone, be it a specific target audience, the employees of your business or an important business partner.