Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTC) commissioned a comprehensive urban communication campaign in autumn 2014, directing national attention toward the capital’s highlights and iconic locations in order to boost Budapest’s image and promote the BFTK institution.


We had been active early on in the planning phase of BFTC’s campaign, culminating in the “Budapest before our eyes” photo and billboard campaign and its subsequent closing exhibition. The basis of our communication strategy was to develop community values along with a Budapest urban image. We aimed to appeal to as wide a public audience as possible with our call for photos and the competition winners’ exhibition. We wanted to get to a national level in calling attention to the values of Budapest, and a lovable urban image campaign can bring these sights and attractions closer to people, instilling a sense of pride for their nation’s capital.


We organized the Budapest before our eyes photo campaign in association with BFTC, whereby MITTE handled its complete social media, PR and image communication. In line with all-round planning, we aimed to harmonize online marketing, PR and image solutions throughout our photo competition managing and press promotion organizing and exhibition outcome communication activities.
The campaign photos and billboard posters presented a new perspective: we invited young urban photographers’ works who had already proved their mettle in popular social media. The jury selected the three finalists whose works were used for the final billboard campaign and put up for public vote.
In order to effectively use this urban image campaign to bring the sights and moods of Budapest closer to the people, we found Facebook’s platform was the most direct channel available. The 15 pictures selected by a professional jury panel were the Budapest-themed works of photographers already established and popular in social media, namely by Krisztián Bódis, Zsolt Hlinka and Bertalan Soós, and were put to public vote on Facebook.


Members of the professional jury were: BFTC executive director Teodóra Bán; Bridge Budapest executive director Veronika Pistyur; Design Terminal incubation program director Zoltán Ács; We Love Budapest chief editor Regina Papp; National Geographic photographer and Social Daily founder Milán Radsics; trend researcher and MITTE Communications strategic director Barnabás Batta; MITTE Communications creative directive Mátyás Misetics.


We launched the billboard poster campaign and Facebook page simultaneously, the latter presenting the competing photographers and their pictures, the jury members, and also was the site of the public vote. The campaign was widely popular and the page highly effective.
In a campaign lasting only one month, the Facebook page had 7500 followers, thanks to intensive and interactive communication as well as popular content appeal.
Besides nominating the jury and selecting the campaign photos, our support activities encompassed preparing two sets of media material (urban communication and public vote). The campaign was covered in a range of interesting and relevant national and regional press media, television, radio and thematic magazines and dailies, with over a hundred releases the campaign to success.
The selected urban photos appeared nationwide on 450 billboards, and a Budapest Before our Eyes exhibition was launched in the garden of Bálna Budapest Center, led by photo aesthete Szilvia Seres, and the photo artists Krisztián Bódis, Zsolt Hlinka and Bertalan Soós.


Our joint urban communication campaign with BFTC illustrated how to effectively support an city’s image communication by using image enhancement, online community building and PR tools. An appropriately fine-tuned PR and image operation can be applied to a city the same way it applies to a brand or a company, the main goal being promotion, attitude shaping, and outlining how inspiring messages can contribute to the sustainable long-term success of communication.