Campaign outset

This internationally known designer concrete company has undergone major development in the year before our cooperation. In 2012 Docler Investments allocated 240 Mn HUF in support of IVANKA’s market expansion efforts, as well as serial production facilitation and further international growth. During this  business enhancement process we provided IVANKA extensive support in market research, strategic communication and PR planning consistent with their brand image and individual project needs.


Our primary strategic aim was to increase existing brand and product recognition and embellish the brand’s positive image domestically and internationally, via a sales promotion focus.  During our image building and sales promotional campaign we took special care to highlight individual architectural projects that feature the company’s products, thereby positioning the company as an innovative player in the design field.


To plot our communication strategy, we conducted a comprehensive international market survey encompassing the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Oman and Saudi Arabia, examining major industrial, cultural and educational investments as well as smaller scale housing investments. Within the construction sector we researched the relation between the field of design and visual communication and nation-specific cultural particularities, and used our findings and case study reviews to boost IVANKA public communications.

Strategy implementation




During our first phase of collaboration we prepared a strategical plan of action, which was followed up with the compilation of corresponding image communicational elements. We restructured the IVANKA brand related Concrete Design Blog surface, designed its new web architecture, considered the issues of the rebranding process ahead, as well as providing image and graphics guidance.
Concrete Design Blog was the first professional blog on the international scene dedicated to exploring the possibilities of using concrete as a designer medium. The web surface also features a certain holistic approach to community integration and professional support. While generating content for this blog relating to the themes of item design, architecture, fashion and design, we also presented IVANKA’s own projects on the loosely related Retail Design Blog channel.


Besides a comprehensive research and strategy buildup, we also managed individual projects’ press communication toward national and international media, as well as daily press inquiries. Among our featured international activities was IVANKA RAINHOUSE project, introduced at Design Week Milan. The rainwater catchment and filtering organic concrete system was presented to national and international media, and we themed the project so that social responsibility, sustainable development and ecological consideration were included in the discourse. We also supported IVANKA’s presentation at the international fair with comprehensive PR and image awareness communication, including an image video reflecting the company’s prestige and extravagance.
We organized press releases for individual exhibitions and fairs, in the form of press statements and staged interviews.
Projects’ press and image communication was supported with social media content content. We managed the IVANKA Facebook profile in accordance with our strategic communications action plan in regard to both text and image.


Our comprehensive communication work for IVANKA is an excellent demonstration of how PR can combine with image communication, by displaying a harmoniously unified professional and brand image toward all relevant target group segments. Our communications and image work was backed by thorough market research as well as national and international PR support, and effectively boosted IVANKA’s brand image as well as complementing its business strategy.
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